James Rodriguez He is still waiting to decide what his sporting future will be and find out which club he is going to play for next season.

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The scorer of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil abruptly left Olympiacos, with whom he agreed to terminate his contract after differences with the coach in charge of the team, José Anigo, who replaced him at halftime in the classic against Panathinaikos.

Since then, James Rodríguez has been training alone looking to stay in shape for when he has the opportunity to reach another club, preferably in Europe.

james talks about everything

James, in private training.

In an interview with RCN News, James, who is in Colombia, spoke initially of the hangover for not going to the Qatar World Cup.

“I had your eyes watching the World Cup matches. You saw teams that didn’t play well, you wondered how they got to the World Cup… These are things that happen. We did things wrong, it must be said. It can’t be that we didn’t score goals in seven games. With so many good players we have, it’s for us to score two, three goals per game at least. Each one has to assume responsibilities and learn from all these things,” said the midfielder. “For us, the Qualifiers for Brazil and Russia were a procedure because we were so good that we put 3 to everyone who came. We would play away from home and we would compete”.

James analyzed what was the failed tie to Qatar. “For Qatar it was hard because there were a lot of changes. Coach, I did not go to several games with the new coaching staff (Reinaldo Rueda)”.

The midfielder did not evade the controversial issue of Colombia’s 6-1 defeat against Ecuador in the tie and the subsequent departure of Carlos Queiroz of the charge.

“A lot of people talk things out. Many say that we fought with the coach. It’s all a lie. How we are going to want to lose 6-1 is impossible. Guys that we are winners, it is impossible that we want to lose to get someone out. The most obvious thing is always to want to win so that things are good, ”she said.

James Rodríguez scored in Colombia vs. Korea.

We had a very good relationship with the technician who had Well, that’s normal when there’s a 6-1 loss like that. I’ve already experienced it everywhere, in the National Team, at Real Madrid, at Bayern Munich, that’s how it is with the big teams”.

Faced with the criticism that he received at the time, including versions of a fight of his in the dressing room, he said: “I regret absolutely nothing. I am already big and I know what I do well and what I do wrong and No one has to be telling me.”

Relationship with Reinaldo Rueda

James and Reinaldo Rueda, members of the Colombian National Team.


Rodrigo Buendia / AFP and Courtesy FCF

Reinaldo Rueda “Everything is fine. In the Colombian National Team I had no problem with absolutely anyone. Later I played four games with Reinaldo. It is with the coach with whom I have played the least in the National Team, I think four or five. Nothing happened with him and He seemed like a very good person.”

“For me it is strange to be on the bench because I always want to play. I’m not going to make a bad face at a teammate either, but I want to be on the inside so I’m a bad substitute”.

Physical: “It’s true that it’s difficult for friendlies because I’ve been training, but it’s not the same way and there are guys who are still competing and it wouldn’t be fair if they couldn’t play. I am thinking more about the Qualifiers in September, October and November. I’m in great shape physically.”

Olympiacos: “The numbers I had are a little low for what I really played. I played well there. I do not regret what I have done and more when they do not treat you well or do not treat you in a serious way.

Carlo Ancelotti and James Rodriguez

Ancelotti: “Ancelotti just didn’t make me a better player. He did it with Vinicius, with Rodrygo, Fede Valverde and many more. That they were good, but now they are at an impressive level”.

“I think that in football there are coaches who are not tactically geniuses, but who manage the group. They know how to talk to you, they know how to reach you, they are like a father to you and you value that more than anything else. If you protect, you are going to give everything for them”.

Zidane: “I played the entire League with Zidane, the Champions League semifinals, I just didn’t play the final, but I always played with him and the press sold it as not wanting to get involved.”

Rafael Benitez: “When he arrived at Everton on the first day he told me ‘go away. You are 30 years old and I want young people, who have energy’ and I had a spectacular year with Everton, so I wasn’t going to start fighting with him”.

Future: “I think something good is going to come out. In Europe the season is ending so the teams have not planned the following season. It will begin to move in June and July to see who wants the ’10’. I want to stay in Europe, where I can play every three days, I feel very good physically. I know that I can give more because I have talent, I have quality”.

James Rodríguez training in the gym


Instagram: James Rodriguez

Press: “It is the most normal thing there is. That they speak well or badly, but that they speak. I feel that I divide a lot, because there are many people who love me, but others who hate me a lot (hate) that is clear. I don’t know why they hate me so much.”

Colombian soccer: “Why not? You can’t close the door on anyone. Since I was a child I wanted to play in Colombia so why not play now. I came to Medellín from a very young age so I don’t know what could happen, I don’t know where, but I have discussed it for a long time with my friends”


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