James Rodríguez will once again be in the news in the next transfer market. For now, the Colombian is without a team, waiting for a good possibility to materialize, after his departure from Olympiacos from Greece.

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James is in Madrid, and from there he gets ready. In his recent posts on social networks, the player has shared moments of his personal training.

His future is uncertain. His abrupt departure from Olympiacos has opened up a range of possibilities that are now a matter of analysis for James and his agent Jorge Mendes.

The option of Botafogo from Brazil already seems discarded. Turkish football, which seemed like a fixed destination, has been diluted. Interest has been denied from Indonesian football…

But the suitors continue to come out, at least at the journalistic level.

To the Premier League?

James trains in a particular way.

The version that has come out this Monday is that they are looking for James from the English Premier League, where he has already played, at Everton.

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Now there are two teams that sound like possibilities. These are Crystal Palace and Brighton.

The journalist Christian Martín reported that James could return to English football, given that there are managers who are tempted by his status as a free agent.

“Several teams are beginning to consider what the arrival of James will be. There is the possibility that clubs like Crystal Palace and Brighton think about the arrival of the Colombian. James left a good memory and the doors are open. It all depends on his conditions, the information It is confirmed by the sports directors of the clubs and there are already inquiries about the Colombian“said the communicator.

And Lyons?



there is another version that gains strength and that is to go to olympique Lyons from France. This rumor arises because the club has recently appointed john textor as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Textor, remember well, is the same leader who has tried several times to bring James to Botafogo in Brazil. His presence in this position could mean a more interesting option for the player, who seems to want to continue in European football.

The current coach of Lyon is French laurent blancwho already had James at Al-Rayyan in Qatar


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