James Rodríguez was excited in his first games with Olympiacos and it was believed that he could return to his best times, thinking about the qualifier for the World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico in 2026. But his departure from the club was abrupt and now, without a team, His present is uncertain, while he trains hard in Madrid.

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The relationship between the Colombian player and the club ended abruptly on April 13, when both Olympiacos and James announced on their social media that they were ending their relationship “by mutual consent.”

James said goodbye to the Olympiacos fans on his social networks. “I would like to thank everyone for all the time we have spent together. Although we are going our separate ways, I feel that I will always be a member and welcome in the family of the great port of Piraeus. I wish Olympiacos all the best and much success in the future.” , he wrote on his social networks.

But then came the controversy. In a very long post on his Facebook account, lhe Olympiacos bar, Gate 7, began to distribute responsibilities for the team’s campaign this season, and one of the worst spared was James.

The bar questioned the Colombian and accused him of committing serious acts of indiscipline. “James, who other Greek teams can only dream of, was a regular at the strip clubs every Saturday!”

they deny the bar

James, in private training.

In Caracol’s ‘Vbar’, the journalist Diego Rueda affirmed that he consulted Spanish journalists who denied these versions.

Looking at what is happening with James Rodríguez, we consulted journalists about the situation in Greece. The Spaniards told us that the bar that published about James does not have any credibility. We in Colombia, for destroying James, anyone who says something, we assume that this is true, “said the journalist.

James is still waiting for offers. He sounds in Brazil and Turkey and has recently been speculated with the Indonesian League. Nothing is verifiable. Nor is it, for now, the speculation about the supposed nightlife of 10.


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