James Rodríguez is a ‘crack’ on and off the field. The Colombian ’10’, who currently does not officially have a team, has always been highlighted by his teammates thanks to his collegiality and friendship. And this Thursday, in the middle of his 32nd birthday, the love of his friends and loved ones was highlighted.

From very early on, James Rodríguez began to receive congratulatory messages on all social networks. Colombian colleagues like Falcao, Luis Díaz or Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, foreigners like Lucas Vásquez and Franck Ribéry, and even the president of Fifa, Gianni Infantino, expressed their appreciation with heartfelt messages.

And, surrounded by that affection, Rodríguez celebrated his 32nd birthday in Miami, with a great party in which joy reigned supreme.

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The great party of James Rodríguez

As he shared on his social networks, The celebration began hours before the stipulated date thanks to a beautiful surprise from his daughter, Salomé.

As could be seen in the images, James was honored by his eldest daughter in the middle of a beautiful picnic in which there was time to eat and play some good games of ‘Uno’.

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This Wednesday, already on the auspicious day, James Rodríguez decided to celebrate surrounded by his loved ones, with a ‘tailor-made’ themed decoration.

In the chosen place, the ‘JR10’ that excites so many soccer fans when it appears on a field looked great.

Also, James, glass in hand, looked quite happy.

In fact, the company of his son Samuel was the reason for big smiles.

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James and his time in Colombia

In the middle of his pause, James Rodríguez came to Colombia and spent several days in Medellín and Bogotá.

Of his visit, the inauguration of points of his coffee ‘Dos Molinos’, the Bogotá headquarters of the restaurant ‘Arrogante’ and an interview in which he talked about everything stood out.

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