jey mammon He returned to Argentina willing to try to recover his life. The former driver of the Peña de Morfi had left the country to try to get away from the media commotion that produced the revelation of the case for sexual abuse initiated by Lucas Benvenuto.

Yesterday Jey Mammón decided to go out and walk the streets of Buenos Aires in broad daylight and it was on her walk that the cameras of THE M they caught him off guard. The first thing that the América Tv reporter asked him was if he felt that this event had changed him in any way. To which Jey replied: “You don’t change, you feel more solid because you’re standing up. I’m still the same and the circumstances are still the same.”

In relation to whether he felt betrayed by many people whom he considered friends or at least close in the middle and whether he will take legal action against him, he clarified: “I really don’t feel like talking about practically anything. I’m not very good at anticipating what’s going to happen, I don’t like doing shows and I never liked doing circuses about anything. So I’m not going to do it with serious things at all”.

“In the meantime, talk to the lawyers, they can tell you everything that is going to happen. If I can tell you that all the people who have lied and have gotten on the wave of lies, or have become owners of a lie are going to have to respond to that lie”, He affirmed, implying that many journalists and panelists will be called to justice due to legal causes that Jey Mammón himself plans to initiate against them for insults.

“I feel very safe, but when you receive the bombing it is very difficult. When they get on the lies you feel overwhelmed. But hey, now there are people who are dedicated to that, which is not me, and they are the ones who have to go ask them I dedicate myself to living life as always. I am in life. I come out to life and I am not always secluded or hidden”he remarked.

He also denied that his trip to Madrid was an attempt to escape the circumstances that surrounded him. “In the Mazzoco program they said: ‘He fled the country’. I only went on vacation and I always supported what I did”pointed against the program A la tarde de Karina Mazzocco.

Lucas Benvenuto and Jey Mammon.

“Each program and each person can do the reading they like. But you can come look for me and ask me. I always said the same. For example, when I went to Madrid, I said that I was going to rest and I never said that I was escaping.. Each one that makes the reading that seems to him of the facts and even of the non-facts, but then the judicial part takes charge”he pointed.

Jey Mammón spoke about her role in the Peña de Morfi

A few days ago Georgina Barbarossa had indicated that the Peña de Morfi program where she is replacing Jey Mammón belonged to the latter. Seeking to leave her relationship with the medium in the past, she stated: “La Peña is a program of the people and it was created by Gerardo Rozín.”

To finish, he spoke about his imminent return to the mass media: “Television is the place where I have worked all my life. I have no reason not to return to television.”

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