The world of Argentine television is preparing for the most important awards of the year. Less than a month after the delivery of the Martin Fierro, It is known that Marley will be one of the drivers of the great event. Regarding his companion and some guests, there are still no details. So much so that many began to wonder if jey mammon will be invited after the complaint made is made public Lucas Benvenuto in 2020 for sexual abuse, which legally prescribed.

The truth is Morfi’s Rock It is selected as a Musical Program, adding that in 2022 Jey took over its conduction after the death of Gerardo Rozin. During these weeks it was circulated that the channel would select him as a possible winner to avoid the presence of mammon on delivery.

“Would it all be so that I’m not there? I don’t understand. I really don’t think Telefe is thinking of not inviting me to the Martín Fierro. I really don’t think so and I don’t believe it,” he said emphatically hey about this possibility.

The driver also assured that he had not had any kind of approach with the channel for this matter. Regarding continuity, he explained that he did not hold talks with Telefe and that he is not yet within his plans to return to television.

“The truth is that I want to be honest. I don’t think Telefe is looking for a way around so that I’m not there. It seems strange to me that they don’t want to invite me. In that case, it seems to me a twist that they don’t have to The sorrow… by my presence,” he explained.

mammon He was also candid about what he would do if he was invited to the event: “I don’t know, I don’t know what I would do.”

What does Jey Mammón think about the possibility of taking “La Peña del Morfi” off the air?

Romina Manguel, close friend of Gerardo Rozin, gave a controversial statement in which he stated that the famous Sunday music program should be considered to be taken off the air. “I think of the work of so many compañeros and compañeras and nobody would like to be lifted. But if you ask me… that’s not a bad idea. Gerardo was always very far from scandals,” he said.

Saying what Rozín would think seems like a lot to meWhat do you want me to tell you?” Was Mammón’s only response to the journalist’s statements. In any case, he avoided getting into controversy with his colleague and left his statements there.

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