With the arrival of the autumn cold Jimena Baron was encouraged to share her pumpkin soup recipe. Through her Instagram account, the actress detailed the basic ingredients to prepare this delicious soup, such as pumpkin, onion, pear, garlic and fresh grated ginger, as well as salt, pepper and turmeric for seasoning.

After sautéing the ingredients in a hot pan, Barón recommended adding milk, white cheese or cream, and processing until a thick texture was achieved. To finish the soup, the Cobra suggests adding vegetable broth and cooking until the ingredients are tender.

In her post, the actress also offered options to add to the soup once it’s ready, such as a grilled egg, keto croutons, grated cheese, chopped peanuts, or sesame oil.

In addition to sharing her soup recipe, Jimena Barón also spoke about the importance of eating raw vegetable salads before main meals, so as not to arrive hungry and avoid overeating. This is an infallible tip in her daily diet that has led her to achieve incredible physical results, without ever losing sight of how necessary it is to adopt nutrients.

For those interested in following a healthier lifestyle, Jimena Barón’s soup recipe is an excellent option to combat the cold while enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal.

Jimena Barón shares the recipe for her pumpkin soup. Photo: social networks.

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