Jimena Baron is living one of the best moments of his life, both in his career as a singer, with his successful album “Bad Blood” in the streets and an upcoming presentation tour, as well as in his personal life, raising his son momo and enjoying love with your partner, Matias Palleirowith whom rumors of marriage and pregnancy have emerged in recent months due to their obvious complicity.

After some time keeping a certain distance from the media and social networks, the singer delights in sharing both her funny anecdotes and her work. On her Instagram account, Jimena shared a special photo this Wednesday to celebrate her 36th birthday, expressing the reasons for her happiness.

The image itself speaks for itself. It is a self-portrait that Jimena took in front of her mirror, where she is seen completely naked, although without revealing more than her skin. “Dear 36, welcome. I have never felt so calm, loved, cared for, beautiful, strong and happy,” the singer began.

In addition, Jimena shared her wishes for the coming months: “I hope we have a spectacular time because I’m very excited.” Then, she expressed her happiness and gratitude to her loved ones, to the people who support her unconditionally, and to herself. “Thank you for her support and energy, thanks to my body for accompanying me in a healthy and beautiful way, thanks for the laughs, friends, my son, my family and my boyfriend,” she shared with her six million followers. on this social network.

In just four hours, the post received more than 150,000 likes and hundreds of comments from her fans, family and friends, who showered her with praise and wished her a happy birthday on this special day for her.

“Life has become incredibly good and rewarding. I knew this was going to touch me. Happy birthday to me,” Jimena concluded, grateful for her present and looking back on her life, her work projects that did not materialize and her heartbreaks, such as her past relationship with Daniel Osvaldo, the father of her son Morrison, and other men she’s been with.

Recently, the actress and singer was invited to the “Noche al Dente” program, the late night show hosted by Fernando Dente in America, where she spoke about “Love after love”, the series that portrays childhood and the first years of her career by Fito Páez, and confessed how the series had an impact on her.

Remembering her childhood, Jimena revealed the anguish she experienced when watching the series and relived moments from when she was a child. “‘Tecknicolor Butterfly’ and ‘Circus Beat’ are part of my primary.

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