“Taurus is calm on the outside and anxious on the inside”, define jimena la torre when making a general prediction about this sign that began on April 21 and will last until May 16.

Based on the transit of the Sun through the sign, the astrologer reviews what this new cycle will be like. Knowing this edge of the horoscope is vital because it will show the energy and emotional abilities of people.

Published by Editorial Grijalbo, Jimena La Torre released a special book for Taurus.

Predictions for Taurus according to the Sun

From April 20

He is sure of the decisions to be made and buys, materializes and makes an investment and enjoys his birthday with lots of food and wine.

From May 21

Find in others a positive reflection to continue walking the path of doing. It increases a thought based on reality, while waiting for the result of the seeds already sown.

From June 21

He feels happy because he shares his harvest with those he loves and sees that his family is a productive success. She remembers what happened to her in life, relating it to a material good and, as a consequence, gets rid of objects that do not have an associated feeling.

From July 22nd

Let the others take charge and shine. The relationship with Leo is not good and there is an energetic competition to see who has the most. Ideas of wanting so imperious that they generate discomfort appear.

From August 23

It takes patience, organization, tranquility and productivity to continue generating things in the future. Distribute what you have to harvest more.

From September 23

Taurus month by month

He sits down to enjoy the pleasures. Libra, also ruled by Venus, enhances your taste for the good life. He takes stock of the year and enjoys what he has obtained.

From October 23

He tends to want to dominate the other because of the desires that Scorpio generates. He does things related to mundane pleasures, which even brushes against dark energies without understanding why. Good time to surrender to real love, but not to temptation.

From November 22

Enjoy what you have obtained, sharing with friends, putting together projects, distributing dividends, starting businesses for next year’s profitability.

From December 21

He takes stock of the year to separate what works from what doesn’t and understand what could happen the following year.

The signs of the zodiac.

From January 20

It takes the ability to expand technological knowledge and be quicker to reason before deciding. He generates some discomfort due to the feeling of not having had the time to think it through, but then he notices that there was wisdom in his actions.

From February 18

Believe with faith in your productivity and what you do. Surround everything you can with love and with people who are worth it and serve your future. Time to believe and create.

From March 20

He feels the need to take a break: he stops at what he wants, analyzes if he made decisions in an accelerated way and waits for the right moment, while feeding his self-esteem.

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