The week that begins comes hand in hand with different astral phenomena that will set the pace for the signs of the zodiac. “We started with the waning moon that will pass through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. accurate jimena la torre in a post he made on his Instagram account.

The prestigious astrologer explained that “We also have the entrance of Mercury in the sign of Leo this Tuesday” which will put your seasoning in this amount of time.

Jimena La Torre’s weekly predictions

  • Aries: With the waning moon in your sign it is a day to love, many proposals for life changes appear with your partner or your partner or the person who is available.
  • Taurus: It is a day to love thanks to the waning moon, it will help you to love passionately.
  • Gemini: The waning moon encourages you so that you can do the best what you have to do today, communicate and show what you can do with your words.
Jimena La Torre's 2023 books.
Jimena La Torre’s 2023 books.
  • Cancer: With the arrival of the waning moon, you can close chapters of love that did not work out and uncomfortable situations that you will never finish solving.
  • Leo: Today the waning moon makes you look wonderful in your friendly sign and that will bring extra passion, sex and encourage yourself to start whatever you want.
  • Virgo: Today the waning moon helps you direct the true desire for what makes you happy. You are in a time to start all the plans and projects again.
  • Pound: The moon in your opposite sign will give you the ability to reach agreements with people that you normally would not.
  • Scorpio: With the waning moon in Aries you begin to know well what you have to get rid of and you can activate your personal rebirth.
Jimena La Torre with her new books specially dedicated to Aries and Taurus from Editorial Grijalbo.
Jimena La Torre with her new books specially dedicated to Aries and Taurus from Editorial Grijalbo.
  • Sagittarius: With the waning moon in Aries, you begin to put your personal life back together and you get out of the middle of a family fight situation.
  • Capricorn: With a waning moon in Aries, you may feel a little uncomfortable on this day, this will be a day of great reality in your work.
  • Aquarium: This day will be very positive for work and love. You receive expected calls this waning moon in your friend sign Aries.
  • Pisces: With the waning moon in Aries you will find yourself between two affective situations that you must decide.

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