The death of Guillermo Calabrese left headless to what morning, the program that led until hours before leaving this earthly world. After the special that the newscast did on Friday, this Monday’s program resumed its broadcast from the studio and with a tribute to its host with Jimena Monteverde as a guest cook.

“I tried to make it a good day, even though it was a very special and very sad program; because I tried to put the vibe that Calabrese had, that he had humor, that he was fun, I tried to make something of what his cooking was. The truth is that they were all very sad, the entire team was destroyed: the cameras, the producers, the entire technical team… It was really strong,” the cook acknowledged.

Jimena Monteverde in What a morning.

“Above all, when you cook, the first to eat are all the technicians, and he had a beautiful vibe, he taught the technicians. So it was hard and very sad. Today I was particularly very nervous, because I didn’t want to convey sadness because that wasn’t Calabrese, but I didn’t want to exceed my energy either”, had a dialogue with Dead Moskite in La Once Ten.

Jimena Monteverde revealed how the team of Qué mañana experienced the death of Calabrese

“For the team it was a slap in the face, because they had found the way around it, they had hit it, they came in handy. I had a huge challenge, and I felt like I lacked energy due to the sadness of missing him and remembering the moments we shared together when I worked with him at the Gatto Dumas institute.”detailed Monteverde.

One of the last programs of Guillermo Calabrese.

Jimena Monteverde’s funny memory of Guillermo Calabrese

The chef recounted that her colleague “had fun putting on wigs, making jokes and that he was very rowdy.” “The truth is that we are very sorry to fire such a young person,” she added.

How were the last hours of Guillermo Calabrese before he died

On Thursday night, April 20, Calabrese posted a homemade gastronomic questionnaire on his Instagram account, so that his almost 200,000 followers could share their doubts and queries. Before midnight, calabrese He responded to several of these queries before going to sleep.

In between inquiries, a follower asked him to recommend three dishes to eat on cold days, and Calabrese shared three significant photos: a lentil stew, noodles with meat sauce, and vegetable soup. He also answered the question of whether the tortilla has onions, generating a debate to which the followers added their opinions and voting.. In addition, he shared funny posts, such as a photo that was later posted on the official Qué Mañana! account.

Without a doubt, Guillermo will not only be remembered for his legacy in the kitchen, but also for his closeness with his followers on social networks and his great passion when it comes to sharing his knowledge and gastronomic advice..

With this image, his colleagues from Channel 9 fired him on social networks.

Who was William Calabrese?

Guillermo Calabrese was born on October 5, 1961 in Buenos Aires, in the bosom of a family with deep Italian roots. Origin that played a key role in his ability to cook. Beyond having had a past as a medical student, he leaned towards being a chef and came to succeed on television.

It should be noted who for almost nine years was the most visible face of Cocineros Argentinos, the cycle that became the flagship of gastronomy, through the screen of Public Television, which gave the possibility to different chefs in the country to show their arts.

At the beginning of 2022, he began to host the Qué mañana cycle, replacing Ariel Rodríguez Palacios, who had confirmed his transfer to Telefe. At the same time, he continued to share his gastronomic knowledge at the Gato Dumas College of Cooks.

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