Jimmy Corsetti on Joe Rogan Experience

Jimmy Corsetti on Joe Rogan Experience

Jimmy Corsetti is a former professional wrestler and mixed martial artist who is best known for his time in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is a two-time UFC Welterweight Championship challenger and has also competed in the middleweight and heavyweight divisions.

Corsetti appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on July 28, 2022. The two discussed Corsetti’s career in the UFC, his thoughts on the current state of the sport, and his plans for the future.

Corsetti said that he believes the UFC is in a good place right now. He said that the promotion has a lot of talented fighters and that the fights are always exciting.

Corsetti also said that he is open to fighting again in the future. He said that he would like to fight one more time before he retires.

Rogan praised Corsetti for his toughness and determination. He said that Corsetti is a true warrior and that he is always willing to put it all on the line.

The full episode of the Joe Rogan Experience with Jimmy Corsetti is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.