Jo Lindner, renowned German bodybuilder listed by many as the ‘king’ of the hypertrophypassed away in the last hours.

As has been known, Lindner, an ‘influencer’ with more than eight million followers, lost his life due to a brain aneurysm while in the arms of his partner, popularly known as ‘Nicha’.

Lindner’s passing, just 30 years old, has caused much astonishment in the weightlifting community. Especially since in networks they talk about the dangers of taking physical practice to excess and the risks of consuming substances that stimulate strength and increase muscle mass.

Dramatic death of the ‘influencer king’ of bodybuilding

Lindner passed away in the arms of his girlfriend.


Jo Lindner’s Instagram

Nicha, Lindner’s girlfriend, confirmed the death of the German. Through her social networks, she published a long statement where He regretted that the ‘influencer’ died in his arms.

Nicha explained that they were meeting with a couple of friends at Lindner’s house, when they both lay down waiting for four in the afternoon to arrive to go to the gym.

“I was there with him in the room. He put the necklace he made for me around my neck. So we lay down and hug each other,” Nicha said.

Jo Lindner died moments after giving her partner a gift.

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“His neck hurt and he told me to touch it. Then we both felt that something was bulging. I think she thought it was normal pain like always. Her friend left, and we lay in bed. He was on my chest for 20 minutes and then stood up when it was time to go.”he said in the message.

Faced with the accusations, Nicha stressed that her partner did not die from a steroid misuse. “He built himself and worked hard. It’s not fair. He was brave enough to admit if he used them, ”he maintained.

But in the past, according to ‘La Razón’ from Spain, the young man confessed to having used steroids, for which she developed gynecomastia, a disease that causes enlargement of the breast tissues due to hormonal imbalance.

Aneurysm: risk factors

Lindner (right) passed away in the arms of his girlfriend.


Jo Lindner’s Instagram

– Family history of brain aneurysms.

– Health problems such as polycystic kidney disease, coarctation of the aorta and endocarditis.

– High blood pressure, smoking, consuming alcohol, and the use of cocaine or amphetamines.

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