Joe Rogan has hosted a number of podcasts that discuss aliens and UFOs. These podcasts have featured guests such as Bob Lazar, Jeremy Corbell, and Graham Hancock. Rogan has also discussed these topics with his regular guests, such as Jamie Kennedy and Duncan Trussell.

Rogan’s interest in aliens and UFOs dates back to his childhood. He has said that he was fascinated by the idea of extraterrestrial life from a young age. Rogan’s podcasts on these topics have been very popular, with some episodes receiving millions of views.

In one of his most popular podcasts on aliens, Rogan interviewed Bob Lazar. Lazar is a former physicist who claims to have worked on a secret government project to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft. Lazar’s story has been widely disputed, but Rogan has said that he believes Lazar is telling the truth.

Rogan has also interviewed Jeremy Corbell, a filmmaker who has produced several documentaries about UFOs. Corbell has provided Rogan with access to some of the most compelling UFO footage that has ever been released.

In addition to his podcasts, Rogan has also discussed aliens and UFOs on his television show, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” In one episode, Rogan interviewed Graham Hancock, an author who has written extensively about ancient civilizations and their possible connections to extraterrestrial life.

Rogan’s interest in aliens and UFOs is not limited to his professional life. He has also spoken about these topics in his personal life, and he has said that he believes that it is only a matter of time before we make contact with extraterrestrial life.