Joe Rogan Area 51

Joe Rogan Area 51

Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster and comedian who has been a vocal skeptic of the government’s claims about Area 51.

In 2019, Rogan released a podcast episode with guest Bob Lazar, a former government employee who claims to have worked on a secret project at Area 51 involving extraterrestrial technology.

Rogan’s podcast episode was widely shared and discussed, and it helped to raise awareness of Lazar’s claims.

However, Rogan has also been criticized for giving a platform to Lazar, who has been accused of fabricating his claims.

Despite the controversy, Rogan’s podcast episode about Area 51 has helped to keep the topic in the public eye.

In 2021, Rogan announced that he would be leading a team of investigators to Area 51 to try to uncover the truth about the government’s activities there.

Rogan’s investigation is still ongoing, but he has already released several updates on his progress.

In one update, Rogan said that he had found evidence of a “massive underground base” at Area 51.

Rogan’s claims have been met with skepticism by some, but he has vowed to continue his investigation.

The truth about Area 51 remains a mystery, but Joe Rogan’s investigation is helping to keep the public informed about the latest developments.