Joe Rogan and Dave Mustaine

Joe Rogan and Dave Mustaine are two of the most popular and influential figures in the world of heavy metal.
Rogan is a comedian, podcaster, and former UFC commentator, while Mustaine is the co-founder, lead
guitarist, and lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Megadeth.

Rogan and Mustaine have been friends for many years, and they have appeared on each other’s podcasts and
shows on numerous occasions.
In a 2018 interview with Rogan, Mustaine spoke about his friendship with Rogan, saying: “Joe is one of the
few people in the world who I can talk to about anything.
He’s a great listener, and he always has something interesting to say.”

Rogan and Mustaine share a passion for heavy metal, and they both have a deep appreciation for the
genre’s history and culture.
In a 2019 interview with Mustaine, Rogan said: “I’ve been a fan of Megadeth since the early days, and I
think Dave is one of the greatest guitarists of all time.”

Rogan and Mustaine’s friendship is a testament to the power of heavy metal to bring people together.
Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, Rogan and Mustaine have found common ground in their love
of music and their shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre.