Joe Rogan Fight

Joe Rogan Fight

Joe Rogan is a popular podcaster, comedian, and former UFC commentator. He is known for his outspoken personality and his interest in martial arts. In 2003, Rogan was involved in a street fight in California.

The Fight

On December 14, 2003, Rogan was leaving a comedy show at the Improv in Hollywood when he was approached by a man named Keith Jardine. Jardine, who was a professional mixed martial artist, had been drinking and was looking for a fight.

Rogan initially tried to avoid a fight, but Jardine persisted. The two men exchanged words, and eventually, Rogan agreed to fight Jardine. The fight lasted only a few seconds. Rogan landed a punch that knocked Jardine unconscious.


Rogan was not arrested for the fight, but he was criticized by some for his role in it. Some people felt that Rogan should have been more responsible, given his status as a public figure. Others defended Rogan, saying that he had acted in self-defense.

The fight did not have a significant impact on Rogan’s career. He continued to be a successful podcaster and comedian. Jardine also continued his career as a mixed martial artist.


The Joe Rogan fight is a reminder that even celebrities are not immune to violence. It is also a reminder that it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid situations where you might be at risk of being attacked.