h1>Joe Rogan Fights
p>Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian, actor, and television personality. He is also a former mixed martial arts fighter. Rogan has fought in several professional MMA fights, including one in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
h2>Rogan’s MMA Career
p>Rogan began his MMA career in 1994. He fought primarily in the lightweight division. Rogan compiled a professional MMA record of 4-2. He won his first three fights by submission, but lost his next two fights by knockout. In 1996, Rogan fought in the UFC for the first and only time. He lost to Mike Guymon by submission in the first round.
h2>Rogan’s Fighting Style
p>Rogan was a submission specialist. He was known for his technical skill and his ability to find submissions from unconventional positions. Rogan was also a durable fighter and was able to withstand a lot of punishment.
h2>Rogan’s Legacy
p>Rogan is considered to be one of the pioneers of MMA. He helped to popularize the sport and bring it to a mainstream audience. Rogan is also credited with helping to develop the modern MMA ruleset.
h2>Here is a list of Joe Rogan’s MMA fights:
li> Joe Rogan vs. Kevin Rosier (1994) – Rogan won by submission (armbar)
li> Joe Rogan vs. Chris Bell (1994) – Rogan won by submission (triangle choke)
li> Joe Rogan vs. Gary Wayne Barnett (1995) – Rogan won by submission (armbar)
li> Joe Rogan vs. Scott Smith (1995) – Rogan lost by knockout (punches)
li> Joe Rogan vs. Keith Hackney (1996) – Rogan lost by knockout (punches)
li> Joe Rogan vs. Mike Guymon (UFC 12) – Rogan lost by submission (rear-naked choke)