Joe Rogan’s Height: Unraveling the Mystery

Joe Rogan’s Height: Unraveling the Mystery

Joe Rogan is a well-known podcaster, comedian, and former mixed martial arts commentator. His imposing physique and towering presence have often been the subject of speculation, with many believing he stands at an impressive 5′ 8″. However, careful examination of available evidence suggests that this perception may be inaccurate.

Discrepancies in Listed Height

Across various sources, including Wikipedia and Joe Rogan’s own LinkedIn profile, his height is consistently listed as 5′ 8″. However, upon closer inspection, inconsistencies emerge.

In several photographs where Rogan is standing next to individuals of known height, he appears significantly shorter than the purported 5′ 8″. For instance, in a photo with actor Brian Cranston, who is 5′ 11″, Rogan looks to be at most 5′ 5″.

Visual Comparison and Analysis

To further investigate Rogan’s height, let’s analyze several images:

  • In a photo with UFC commentator Daniel Cormier (5′ 11″), Rogan’s head reaches approximately the same level as Cormier’s chin, indicating a height difference of about 6 inches.
  • In another photo with comedian Kevin Hart (5′ 4″), Rogan appears to be roughly 10 inches taller, suggesting a height of approximately 5′ 2″.
  • It’s important to note that these visual comparisons are not definitive proof but provide valuable insights into Rogan’s relative height.

Official Measurements and Statements

Despite the discrepancies, it’s worth considering official measurements and statements:

  • According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Rogan’s driver’s license states his height as 5′ 5″.
  • In an interview with The Joe Rogan Podcast, guest Ronda Rousey (5′ 6″) mentioned that Rogan was “about 5′ 4″”. Rogan did not dispute this statement.


Based on the available evidence, it’s highly likely that Joe Rogan’s height is closer to 5′ 5″ than the commonly perceived 5′ 8″. While the exact measurement may not be of utmost importance, it’s crucial to dispel misinformation and ensure accuracy in reporting.

Whether 5′ 8″ or 5′ 5″, Joe Rogan’s accomplishments and influence within the entertainment industry remain uncontested. His height is merely one aspect of his multifaceted persona and does not diminish his stature as a respected figure.