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Joe Rogan North Korea Girl

In 2017, Joe Rogan interviewed a North Korean defector named Yeonmi Park. Park’s story of escaping North Korea and her subsequent life in the United States was both harrowing and inspiring. Rogan’s interview with Park was widely praised for its empathy and insight.

Park was born in North Korea in 1993. Her father was a high-ranking official in the North Korean government, and her family lived a relatively comfortable life. However, Park’s world was turned upside down when she was 13 years old. Her father was arrested and executed for treason, and her family was sent to a labor camp.

Park spent the next several years in the labor camp, where she was subjected to torture and starvation. She eventually escaped from the camp and made her way to China. From there, she traveled to South Korea and then to the United States.

Park’s story is a powerful reminder of the horrors of the North Korean regime. It is also a story of hope and resilience. Park has overcome incredible adversity to build a new life for herself in the United States.

Rogan’s interview with Park was a valuable opportunity to hear from a firsthand witness to the North Korean regime. Park’s story is a reminder of the importance of freedom and democracy, and it is a testament to the human spirit.

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