Joe Rogan and Sam Harris

Joe Rogan and Sam Harris

Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan and author and neuroscientist Sam Harris have been friends for many years. They have appeared on each other’s podcasts, and they have co-hosted a number of live events and interviews.

Rogan and Harris share a number of common interests, including martial arts, meditation, and the use of psychedelics. They also have a similar worldview. They are both skeptical of conventional wisdom, and they are open to new ideas.

However, Rogan and Harris also have some important differences. Rogan is a self-described libertarian, while Harris is a liberal. Rogan is also more willing to embrace conspiracy theories.

Despite their differences, Rogan and Harris have a great deal of respect for each other. They have been able to have open and honest conversations about their differences, and they have been able to maintain their friendship.

In a recent interview, Rogan said that he and Harris are “like brothers.” He said that they have a “deep connection” and that he trusts Harris “with his life.”

Harris has also said that he considers Rogan to be a close friend. He said that Rogan is “a good person” and that he is “always willing to listen to other peoples’ opinions.”

It is refreshing to see how Rogan and Harris have been able to maintain their friendship despite their differences. They are an example of how it is possible to have open and honest conversations about important issues, even with people who disagree with you.