Joe Rogan, the popular podcaster and UFC commentator, recently had Tom O’Neill, a former Navy SEAL and author of the book “The Navy SEAL Art of War,” on his show. The two discussed a variety of topics, including O’Neill’s time in the SEALs, his thoughts on leadership, and his views on the current state of the world.

O’Neill, who served in the SEALs for 16 years, shared some of his experiences in combat and the lessons he learned from them. He also talked about the importance of teamwork and discipline in the SEALs, and how these principles can be applied to other areas of life.

Rogan and O’Neill also discussed the current state of the world, and the challenges that the United States and its allies are facing. O’Neill expressed concern about the rise of China and the threat of terrorism, and he argued that the United States needs to be prepared to defend itself against these threats.

The interview was wide-ranging and informative, and it provided listeners with a unique glimpse into the mind of a former Navy SEAL. O’Neill’s insights on leadership, teamwork, and the current state of the world were thought-provoking and valuable.