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UK YouTuber Joe Weller provides an update following his 3 week disappearance during a journey to the Amazon jungle.

Joe Weller, who was born in March 1996, became well-known on social media because of his YouTube channel’s challenges and vlogs.

Joe has a love for boxing, much like the YouTubers-turned-boxers KSI and Jake Paul, and he participated in a fight in 2017 with fellow YouTuber Theo Baker.

In August 2018, he commented on the amateur boxing battle between KSI and Logan Paul as well as videos for the FIFA video game.

The social media celebrity is also a wannabe musician who has nine songs available on his YouTube page.

Joe Weller travels to Amazon

Popular UK YouTuber Joe Weller appears to have emerged from the woods at last to give his followers some much-needed updates.

To set the scene, Joe, now 26 years old, announced on his social media accounts last month that he had prepared to travel to the Amazon to film a video for his YouTube channel.

On September 28, he revealed in a series of tweets that he would spend the next 12 days in the wilderness. The remote nature of his destination, he said, would prevent him from having any network or signal on any of his gadgets.

In addition, he warned that there might be a problem with the trip if followers didn’t hear from him by October 12. He did, however, finally arrive yesterday amid a lot of unsettling messages. He uploaded a photo of himself and wrote:

Was Joe Weller Missed?

As previously said, Joe Weller appears to have anticipated his departure from social media.

The 26-year-old Englishman disappeared for at least three weeks after making a hint that something might have gone awry before lately making a comeback.

Fans didn’t start discussing his delayed comeback until the first day of the week.

However, many followers claimed that Joe had “faked” his disappearance.

Fans began to have doubts about the truth of Joe’s narrative when they noticed that he was postings on his sister’s Instagram while he was away.

Popular social media news reporter Daniel “Keemstar” covered this as well.

He tweeted about the news on October 19:

Is Joe Weller Still alive?

Joe Weller Amazon Jungle: Is Joe Weller Still Alive?

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