In this article, you will get all the information regarding Johnny by Laeticia: we saw the event documentary soon to be broadcast on M6, and here is everything you need to know!

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of his death and as the opening of an exhibition event in Belgium approaches, Johnny Hallyday will be honored in an unpublished documentary and event on M6: Johnny by Laeticia, a 1h30 film that recounts the couple’s 23 years together, between private and public life. From their meeting in Florida to the national tribute paid to Taulier at the Madeleine in Paris in 2017, the mother of her daughters Jade and Joy delivered a large number of archive images to the documentary teams.

Johnny by Laeticia (M6): some documentary archives come from Johnny Hallyday’s personal phone

Because it is no less than 700 hours of video rushes, hitherto kept in a safe, that Laeticia Hallyday has preciously entrusted to the director William Karel as well as to the production box 10.7 Production. After being recovered, they will be digitized for several weeks, before the project is really launched at the start of the school year in September 2021. And for good reason: these archive images, mostly unpublished, came both from digital camcorders and from cell phones, including one that belonged to Johnny Hallyday.

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Johnny by Laeticia (M6): Did Laeticia Hallyday make any changes to the film?

Subsequently, William Karel spent three months in front of these video extracts, 7 hours a day, in “however starting from the end“, in order to soak up images for “show modesty“maximum:”It was necessarily the most dramatic moment“, he explained to us. “We knew the beginning was very easy: their meeting, the beginning of their love story…“The result will only have been viewed once per Laeticia Hallyday, who appeared as Cruella de Vil on Halloween, and nothing will be changed at her request. The teams assure us: the widow of Taulier had not transmitted any watchwords as to the content of the documentary and the director himself was able to select the images they wanted from these numerous archives, which they did not have. never seen again. He will even be surprised when she does not ask for the removal of images on a shooting of the magazine Himfor which she appears topless on screen.

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Johnny by Laeticia (M6): why did Laeticia Hallyday agree to participate in this documentary?

I have to say that Laeticia Hallyday had full confidence in William Karel. Highly sought after by production companies (but not by Netflix, which did not call on her for its documentary series Johnny by Johnny !) since the death of her husband, the one who had attended the Saint-Laurent show in Paris radiantly gave the green light for the project of 10.7 Production and M6… because the name of the director convinced her. A choice that made the documentary filmmaker happy, who considers himself a “groupie” of the rocker. However, Johnny by Laeticia is far from being a smooth portrait of the artist: the current companion of Jalil Lespert also confides in it on the dark sides of her husband, who had notably made several suicide attempts. In front of the cameras, she agreed to answer William Karel’s questions twice, for 1h30, while Daniel Rondeau (who once helped the director for his interviews for Laeticia Hallyday) and Jean-Claude Camus also bear witness to these 23 significant years of life.

Johnny by Laeticia: we saw the event documentary soon to be broadcast on M6, and here is everything you need to know!

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