The renowned actor Jorge Enrique Abello revealed some details of the relationship he has with his wife, who is 23 years apart.

During an interview for the YouTube channel ‘Undress with Eva Rey’, the protagonist of ‘Ugly Betty’ told some details about his personal life, his partner and even his political position.

There he confessed some details of his current marriage to the model and architect María Isabel Gutiérrez, with whom he has two children, ages three and four, and has been married since 2016.

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The spouses, who they are 23 years apart, They have a relationship based on trust, in which age has not been an impediment during their long coexistence.

In fact, the journalist wanted to know what the actor feels about being married to a younger person, since he is around 50 and the Colombian is 33 years old.

Inquiry that Abello responded by saying that age was not entirely true, since he felt that each one had actions that apparently were not determined or consistent with it.

“I am going to tell you that this is an inaccurate data. I am not with a woman younger than me. No, she is older than me. I have a woman who is older than me and she is married to a man much younger than her, with a child. She takes three children to the park,” said the Colombian.

Rey refuted this response by claiming that he felt sorry for Gutiérrez, “because she chose to have two children and a husband.”

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So the ‘Tacones de Eva’ interpreter tried to correct his answer by saying that he did not refer to all circumstances.

Finally, he confessed that his wife is a follower of the latest novel on the channel ‘RCN’ ‘Ana de Nadie’, in which she plays ‘Horace’an unfaithful and dominant man who stands in the way of the happiness of the protagonist, played by Paola Turbay.

Thus, Eva questions him if at any time María Isabel has felt angry when seeing her character that has inspired hatred in many of the viewers.

To which the actor jokingly says no, that it hasn’t happened to him, despite the fact that he marathons the novel and has to put up with the personality of the antagonist.

Jorge Enrique Abello, a proud father of Candelaria


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