Jorge Lanata and Eduardo Feinmann maintained a strong exchange of ideas during the screening they do on Radio Miter every morning. Everything was due to the case of the plainclothes policeman who killed a thief from behind who tried to steal his motorcycle, in the town of Moreno.

Today we are going to discuss: I was impressed to hear people who listen to you saying that you have to kill the jets. The guy can’t shoot from behind. It is not an excess in self-defense. He could shoot the wheel. I didn’t have to kill him. The stream was leaving. Shooting in the back is illegal. I understand people’s anger about insecurity because I also suffer from it, but from there to killing people is something else,” Jorge Lanata began by saying.

To which Eduardo Feinmann quickly countered: “I said the opposite this morning. I was politically incorrect, you are being politically correct. I agree that no one should be killed.there we agree. Now, between the death of a criminal or that of a police officer or a civilian, I prefer the death of the criminal“.

“I always side with the victim,” Eduardo Feinmann told him.

The police did not go out to kill. The one who left the pipe to ‘work’ was the delinquent. And in every job there is an accident at work. It can happen to you teacher. That job has risks: if you get out of the pipe, someone on the other side may be locked up. It’s what you chose. The offender had a tumbera weapon. Imagine: when they point a gun at you, you don’t ask if the weapon is proper or improper. You don’t ask if it’s loaded or not loaded,” he added.

This happened in 9 seconds… I don’t want anyone to be killed, but there are situations and situations. Do you have to let yourself be robbed?“, Eduardo asked. “And between being killed and being robbed, there is nothing that I have on me that is worth more than my life,” Jorge replied.

The function of a policeman is to defend his own life and that of others, and that is what he did“, sentenced Feinmann. “Okay, we are not going to agree, when the trial is over we will see how the story continues. It scares me when people say ‘you have to kill’, today all the listeners asked for it, ‘you have to kill’, ‘you have to kill’, ‘you have to kill’ and we cannot promote killing“Lanata stressed about the situations of daily violence that continue to be the subject of news in the country and for which as communicators they must remain neutral.

I don’t promote that, but between a victim and a criminal, I always side with the victim. And in this case the policeman was a victim,” Feinmann closed, somewhat annoyed with Lanata.

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