Jorge Luis Pinto and Hernán Darío Gómez they had a heated discussion, which was about to come to blows, in January 2017, during the Copa Centroamericana. Honduras, led by the first, beat Panama 1-0, which led the second. This Thursday they met again in the Cali vs. Junior of the date 16 of the League.

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The fight of the past was generated because Pinto accused Bolillo of having bought a referee. The atmosphere was very hot during the game and in the end, Gómez was about to attack his colleague.

The two coaches will meet again this Wednesday in Palmaseca. Before, Gómez was asked about the 2017 fight and he jokingly replied: “I have great respect for Jorge Luis, I think fighting if I win, but he is a very important coach in world football, he is a coach studied on the pitch. There is no better book for a coach than being with his players every day, I respect him, I admire him and despite everything I will always wish him the best”, he declared to the Smoke Free Zone.

Instead, Pinto was annoyed by the issue and, although at first he did not want to respond, he ended up throwing heavy ammunition at Gómez.

“Cali is more important than Junior, than Pinto or Bolillo. Ask me about Cali, I’m not interested in anything about Bolillo. I know who he is, I know him perfectly, I hope he has changed his ways. I will be with my eyes open. The dog is not gelded twice. That’s it,” Pinto said.

tense reunion

Jorge Luis Pinto and Hernán Darío Gómez


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When the teams were on the field, before the match, all eyes were on the behavior of the coaches.

But Pinto, according to what was verified by the EL TIEMPO photojournalist, refused to greet the coach Hernán Dario Gómez.

Pinto and Bolillo meet again.

As Gómez approached, Pinto moved away about 15 meters and told his collaborators not to let him get to him.

Purslane assistants explained to Hernán Darío returned to his bench with a smile.


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