Jose Maria Listorti visited the program show partners, Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich, and talked about various topics. On the morning show The thirteen, the humorist told several anecdotes from his life. For example, he related that he asked his idol, Carlitos Bala, who was present at his wedding and at the premiere of his films. In this context, they asked him about Pedro Alfonso.

Another beautiful act was that when I premiered the first two films, in the third I did not invite him because he was not in good health, he came to the premiere of the film, he sat in front of me and I listened to the laughter of Carlitos Watching the movie, I’m not going to forget anymore“, expressed listorti.

At that time, they consulted him about his relationship with Pedro Alfonso and they gave him an audiovisual clip of the work they did together. “We did 3 movies: ‘Partners by accident 1‘, ‘partners by accident 2‘ and ‘singers at war“, recounted listorti.

The hosts of “Socios del espectaculo” wanted to know if he was angry with Pedro Alfonso because, at the time, he had not made press for the film they filmed together and José María denied it but clarified that the communication between them was no longer so fluid. “I never got angry but the other day I sent him a message, because we met at the same kinesiologist, we sent him a photo and he never answered it. The kinesiologist told me “He doesn’t answer me either.”

Adrian PallaresFor his part, he recounted: “Then he sends you screenshots telling you that he does not answer the father, the mother“. Between laughs, Jose Maria said: “Yes, that’s how I found out it wasn’t something I had with me. is he like that“.

Finally, Jose Maria Listorti He closed the anecdote of the movies by saying: “I didn’t get angry. The ones who got the most angry were the producers of the movies. They saw me that he put everything and he didn’t. Now I’m doing the same with ‘Matilda‘ because I love“, closed the comedian.

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