José María Listorti met his wife, Mónica González, in 2007 at the gym. The comedian assures that it was love at first sight and although he did not expect it, she “gave him a ball”. Some time later they had two sons and are still very happy. That is why the comedian detailed what is the key to maintaining a good relationship despite the wear and tear of the years.

“We argued, of course, but for nonsense. We have a premise that we fulfill most of the time and that is not to go to sleep fighting. We can fight all day, but at night we have to hug, shake hands and talk about what happened.”, he recently confessed in LAM.

José María Listorti and Monica González.

The comedian also took the opportunity to describe his wife: “She is a companion who, if there is another life, it shows that I did things well because the biggest prize I have is Monica; she is awesome. She makes me happy, I don’t know how to explain it.

José María Listorti confessed the concern he has for his children

Like every parent of teens, Jose Maria Listorti She lives with concern about her children’s night outings in the midst of the insecurity situation in the country and the escalation of violence.

“I worry that they go out dancing and fight with someone or that they suffer from insecurity in this very violent, intolerant society in which everything is a good reason to shit on each other, to confront and hurt the other,” He stated in an interview with Teleshow.

and added about Bruno (9) and Frank (13): “The talks are becoming more common. And besides that they understand that life is not just what you live at home. That they won’t always be able to change their cell phone or eat hamburgers because they feel like it. That not everything will be that easy. It concerns me and I am concerned about what will become of them when they grow up in such a weak economically and socially complicated country.

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