River Plate inaugurated the statue in honor of Marcelo Gallardo, in which the former ‘millionaire’ coach is seen lifting the Copa Libertadores obtained in 2018, after beating his greatest rival, Boca Juniors, and the Colombian in the final held at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium Juan Fernando Quintero attended the event.

“I grew up in this club and I think I will die in this club, I am privileged,” said the ‘Doll’, visibly moved, among the chants of thousands of fans who came to the Monumental Stadium to witness the inauguration of the statue: a construction in bronze eight meters high and weighing seven tons.
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Quintero spoke

For almost an hour, various figures from the “Millionaire” recalled Gallardo’s time at the institution with anecdotes, first as a footballer (1992-1999, 2003-2006 and 2009-2010) and later as a coach (2014-2022); years in which he established himself as one of the club’s greatest legends.

“It is very difficult to leave here. There is no possibility that one can get rid of this wonderful club, there is no possibility,” acknowledged the ‘Doll’, who could not contain his tears at the affection of the fans.

Juan Fernando Quintero celebrates his goal in the final of the Copa Libertadores in Madrid, against Boca.


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Quintero referred to various topics, but one of his phrases generated controversy, when he was asked about the final of the Libertadores Cup against Mouth in Madrid Spain.

“Now I am aware of what I did. It is the most important goal in the history of Argentine soccer,” said the midfielder.

Immediately, the social networks exploded commenting on what the player of the Junior from Barranquilla. Do you agree?
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