Juan Fernando Quintero failed miserably in the Barranquilla Junior. After being announced with a lot of hype at the beginning of the year, the midfielder left the team on Saturday, a week before the start of the 2023-II League.

Quintero barely played seven games and scored one goal with Junior, in a team that had a semester to forget, with an elimination from the Copa Sudamericana in the first round (lost to Tolima) and with a campaign in which he did not even enter the eight in the League.

To complete, the end of Quintero’s time at Junior was stormy: he left the team unexpectedly, apparently upset because in a soccer practice, coach Hernán Darío Gómez sent him to the substitute team.

“In the football aspect I do not fit (in the Junior) and in many things in the management of the group neither, so to avoid feeling bad or any other type of sensation that could affect me, I simply made the decision,” Quintero told Win Sports.

“I never went to steal, I went to be happy (…) In the end one in life has to be happy and not pretend that another person conditions you”, added the former River player.

The disappointment of the fans with Juan Fernando Quintero

The announcement of Quintero’s departure was made on the same day that the club honored one of its references, the Uruguayan goalkeeper Sebastián Viera, who was saying goodbye after 12 seasons at the club.

More than one fan spoke out against Quintero and some of them wore his shirt, but with the number crossed out.

Now, on social networks, the service is being offered to remove Quintero’s name from those who sent it to be stamped on his Junior shirt.

“With enthusiasm we stamp you and with disappointment we remove you,” says the account, and adds, in an obvious dart to Quintero: “Let’s wait for the next number that is stamped on top of the perfect 10 ‘fit'”.


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