After the death of John Paul Romero (45), the renowned journalist and producer who in recent times he fought against cancer that weakened him to the maximumnot only stunned his family and all his colleagues, but also opened the door to memory and reflection.

Since he was diagnosed with this terminal illness, Juan Pablo He recounted practically minute by minute what was happening to him. Through his Twitter account, he told how he felt, what the impairments that he was going through were like, the studies that were carried out and the various hospitalizations he suffered.

It was thus that the member of the team of in the afternoon, The program hosted by Karina Mazzocco on América TV dedicated her last post a few weeks ago to a member of her family.

Juan Pablo Romero’s last post on social networks: dedicated to his mother

“And that’s how I want to always remember you. With that complicit smile that characterized us. Also with that hug and so many that I owe you when you asked me for them and I didn’t give them to you because I was an asshole“Remember the first paragraph of the post that he made John Paul Romero on his Instagram account, before he died.

And he continued, with a message full of reflection dedicated to his mother: “Today Five years ago you left us with a horrible void, but you did it your way. From a distance I value all those things that you wrote to me or recorded in audios and I did not understand or did not give them the value they deserved “.

Juan Pablo Romero with his mother.

“I’m sorry you didn’t spend and enjoy your grandchildren more, I know you would be proud of them.”

Juan Pablo Romero, to his mother

After regretting such behavior with his mother, the journalist added: “I’m sorry you didn’t spend and enjoy your grandchildren more. I know you would be proud of your Santi and you can’t imagine crazy Pili. You would be happy with Mabel and comparisons would be the order of the day, even though Mabel is Mabel.”

In turn, the journalist mentioned his illness and the spiritual strength he found when he thought of his mother: “I like to pray and find you next to the Matter, I know that you are there and that together they take care of me at this stage, that I don’t know how you would have endured“.

“I feel you are far away sometimes but I know that you are with Tati, Abuchichi, Coco and Carola. You are my 5 little angels and I trust you a lot“, he stressed.

The premonitory request for strength from Juan Pablo Romero to his mother

Almost twenty days before he passed away, Juan Pablo Romero asked his mother to take care of him from heaven and watch over him, since he was in a stage where he needed it. “What to tell you that you do not know and that you do not see. We are going to get out of this, you know my commitment and my needs to move forward. Do not release my hand“, he expressed.

And he concluded: “I miss your voice, your audios, your messages. I have videos but I still don’t dare to watch them. I kept taking care of all of us, we need you and I more than everYes, I am an only child and a Gemini, as I am not going to want exclusivity”.

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