After celebrating with Sebastian Graviotto his marriage and to enjoy with his father Nicholas on the way to the altar, Juana Repetto shared in the last few hours that she is super distressed by a very particular situation that her eldest son is experiencing Toribio.

The artist remarked that she is not having a good time and that she is very concerned about her son’s adaptation in elementary school. Through the stories of instagram, Joanna He asked the thousands of followers who make up a community for advice.

“Around here I am a little anguished… We have been complicated with primary school and the change of school. Anyone else in the same? He enters the school well, calm, he went to the house of several classmates and everything is super good…“He began by saying I repeat.

Then, in a succession of stories of instagram He went on to explain the seriousness of his situation. “But at school he behaves in a manner that shows that he would not be having a good time, which is what worries me the most”, story.

On the other hand, he remarked: “In addition to the fact that it is not easy for him to adapt to the dynamics of first grade or to the group, in general terms, let’s say. Much love, patience, listening, validating and working at home as much as possible.”

“Meanwhile I… Frustrated, anguished, worried, occupying myself and blaming myself, rethinking myself. I was already wrong in approaching the subject and I recapitulated, I corrected. And here I am still thinking of resources to accompany it in the best possible way”closed his statements in instagram the artist who is also the mother of belisarius.

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