The back and forth between Juana Repetto (35) and his followers on social networks is already an Instagram classic. She always responds, gives advice on maternity and allows herself to talk about certain aspects of family intimacy, such as the moment when her son Toribio (6) asked him who his dad is.

The descendant of Nicholas Repetto and queen reech she became a mother in 2016 through an assisted fertilization treatment. “He always knew that he does not have (dad), he knows how his long-awaited arrival on this plane was”he explained.

The story that Juana Repetto published.
The story that Juana Repetto published.

“Toro asks you about dad?”, was the question someone asked him on Instagram. And she, without turning around, replied: “Since she started asking questions, she knows what her beautiful story is.”

Juana Repetto gave details of the upbringing of her children

“They eat healthy, they breastfeed for at least two years as recommended by the World Health Organization (well, maybe it is not a parameter of anything) and they are free, ”said the actress in another story when talking about her two loves.

Juana Repetto answered how she gets money

Recently, Juana traveled to Brazil with her two children, Toribio and belisariusher husband, Sebastian Graviottoand his daughter, lupe. Taking advantage of sunny and relaxing days, she shared various family postcards with her million and a half Instagram followers, and reacted when she saw that one of them commented to her: “Where do you get the money to live on vacation?”

“I went to Pinamar for five days at the end of the year with the boys while my husband worked (he is paid for his work, from there he gets money, answering your question)”, the daughter of queen reech (64).

Regarding the current situation, without pressing Enter, he explained: “Now the five of us made a family trip that we had not been able to do on vacation. I am very grateful to be able to travel as a family, but I don’t feel like that’s living on vacation”.

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