Juana Repetto she always defined herself as an actress. However, her work on social networks spreading content about her motherhood transformed her into a true influencers of this digital field.

In that sense, in instagram always post the stickers of questions and answers to interact with their loyal followers. Although sometimes he deals with the haters, I repeat he feels comfortable sharing parenting tools, sharing his doubts and showing some strategies that help him accompany his children during their growth.

Juana Repetto and motherhood

Every time you can Joanna makes it clear that she enjoys her role as a mother, but that not everything is rosy. In the last hours, in a question they asked her if she would have more children and she doubted but was blunt. “The truth is that no, but it is very strong for me to say it,” she began by saying.

Juana Repetto’s response on Instagram.

Then, I repeat He added: “Sometimes I really want to but thinking about it coldly and with my head, I think that at this moment, it would not be prudent and I doubt that in another it will be.” Later he did deepen his answer. “I put a lot of energy and time into motherhood and that also exhausts me. Many times I collapse and feel that I can’t with everything I have.”

Then, she closed the idea by saying: “I am very demanding of myself and I think that at this point in my life, having another child would be irresponsible and impulsive.” Finally, the mother of Toribio and belisarius He closed decompressing: “I want, I always want haha, who tells you, at another time I feel different and have (ah, re that I did not let go)”.

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