fito paez It’s been on everyone’s lips since it was released. The love after Lovehis biographical series on Netflix. One of his most recent ex-partners is Julia Mengoliniwho in the last few hours spoke with show partners (eltrece) and recounted his feelings after watching the fiction.

“Yes, obviously; I saw it and I finished it. I loved it, I think we are all half in the same, it seems to me. Everyone liked it, we are all hooked. Also, it connected us a lot with our musical DNA because it has the themes and not all the series can have the themes”, expressed Julia.

Then, Mengolini added: “Sound postcards and scenes that we know existed and that are recreated are raised, such as the first rehearsal with baglietto. All this has us spying on a past that we did not see, but that we live”.

“I spoke on the phone with him (Fito Páez) the night before the series came out and he told me ‘I have to cut you off because I have a call with The Angels because the series comes out tomorrow‘ and I said ‘Oops, idiot*! The series comes out tomorrow. How are you with that?‘. And she told me fine, that she would tell me later, “added the radio host.

Later, about their separation that included the song Rock & Roll Revolution that he dedicated to her in 2014, he said: “Separations are never easy. Some have the ability to make more noise than others.”

Finally, he closed by saying: “I don’t think I have to apologize, the songs are expressions of something that is happening to one at a time. TO phyto I love him very much, I love him as you love an ex with whom you have good memories and as the huge popular artist that he is,” he said. Julia Mengolini.

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