Insecurity in Bogotá is worrisome, because in In 2022, 122,851 personal thefts were registered, between January and November, which is equivalent to 24.5% more compared to 2021.taking into account that for that year 98,683 were registered, according to data from the Secretary of Security.

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According to the above, For the first three months of 2023, the Colombian capital registered 17,646 complaints for theft. At the same time, 168 homicides, 863 cases of sexual crimes and 6,631 complaints of intrafamily violence were also registered, according to City Tv.

They told us not to report. they are very bad people

One case was that of Julián Pinilla, known as the ‘boy with the rune’who on June 29, through social networks, made public a complaint for having been a victim, along with his girlfriend Gina Paola Rivera, of the millionaire ride in the country’s capital.

The video shows, at first, the face of the beaten young man, saying: “They just robbed us.” While Gina Rivera, who was puzzled, said: “They told us not to report. They are very bad people.”

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The young man was beaten by his attackers.


Instagram: @julianpinillaa

In the video, the young people explain how they were attacked after leaving a bar where they were enjoying a friend’s birthday.

According to the statements of the victims, the bar guard would have been the one who announced that the “boy with the ruana” was thereso when leaving the establishment and boarding a taxi, in one of the tunnels, located on the North Highway, the young people began to suffer from one of the best-known forms of robbery: the millionaire ride.

Gina Rivera explained that the robbery would have lasted more than two hours, taking into account that it would have started around 12:30 am until 3 am, the perfect time for the subjects to take the opportunity to steal all the money from their accounts.

By leaving them penniless, the influencers were dumped at three in the morning in the Sierra Morena neighborhood, in Ciudad Bolívarwhere a woman taxi driver helped them when she had no response from the Police.

At the end of the video, the couple recommended to their followers and friends to take care of this type of robbery: “Take care of yourselves and yelling,” said Julián Pinilla.

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