Juliet Poggio and Marcos Ginocchio They coincided on a trip to Bariloche and the rumors of a romance between them continue to gain strength. After the recent separation of the ex-sister, the fans of “Marculi” they insist that they should be a couple. Far from going against these requests, the ex-participants appear more and more together.

Both Julieta and Marcos shared in their networks different postcards from Bariloche, the destination to which she traveled with her sister, Camila; while the man from Salta apparently did it alone.

Julieta Poggio assured that she was “very happy” during her trip to Bariloche. Photo: Instagram

being very happy”, wrote Julieta Poggio in her Instagram story, making it clear that she is going through a good time in her new single life. Ginocchio also shared a postcard of her dream trip.

Marcos Ginocchio shared an image of his trip to Bariloche. Photo: Instagram

Julieta Poggio broke the silence: “Marcos is an incredible person and is part of my life”

The ex-sister spoke of her relationship with Marcos Ginocchio after Yanina Latorre assured that both have a fiery and hidden sentimental relationship. “We need you to respect each other’s moment and time. I have nothing to confirm. I thank you all for the love always. Marcos is an incredible person and he is part of my life because we have gone through a lot together and it will continue to be so from now on”, assured Julieta Poggio through her social networks. And her response was interpreted as “ambiguous” by users who are already shouting from the four winds that “Marculi is real”.

Julieta Poggio’s post clarifying her relationship with Marcos Ginocchio.

Since they shared the most famous house in the country, their millions of followers want to see them together and apparently that love is already a fact. During the night of Friday, it was Yanina Latorre who assured in “LAM” that the ex-participants of Big Brother are together. And not only that, in addition, she gave details of their meetings.

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