Juliet Poggio (21) she always shone in the public eye: although we met her from another place after she passed through the house of Big BrotherFrom a very young age, she was part of the Argentine screen through advertisements and movies.

Last night, he debuted as part of the new Fuerza Bruta show. The young woman will be one more acrobat in the show, which defies gravity and is already a Buenos Aires classic, for only six performances, although is preparing to continue conquering the proscenium at the hands of José María Muscari.

Julieta Poggio made the entire Fuerza Bruta audience vibrate. (Photos: Social Networks)

This was the impressive debut of Julieta Poggio in Fuerza Bruta

With great enthusiasm, Juliet Poggio He shared exclusive images of both the rehearsal and the moments before going on stage. With a smile, she posted part of the preview. “Wish me shit…”, she requested, in theatrical language (wish shit rather than luck).

The work takes place in GEBA’s Sala sin Piso, and its paintings continue to evoke the imprint that the group was able to leave on the world From the Guard.It is a new show that attacks the five senses and crashes against your own happiness. For that, we create action machines and we generate artificial nature in motionwhich takes you to a bottomless abyss and wants to have your shoe prints marked in the air,” the company described when it presented the show.

Between songs, percussion, acrobatics, some improvisation, without ceasing to have great support in technology and costumes, is that the proposal of Brute force conquer the porteños. “Oven is playful, and with a loving look, seeks to recover that beauty that is already strange to usbut it moves us to tears,” they stated.

Julieta is not the first celebrity to appear as a guest, a few weeks ago vine flower took that same place. The truth is that she, with her charisma, managed to captivate the audience and was celebrated on social networks. Even someone was encouraged to compare her with Paris Hilton.

your classmates Big Brother They did not want to miss the great debut, and Marcos Ginocchio, Daniela Celis, Thiago Medina, Nacho Castañares, Lucila “La Tora” Villar and Romina Uhrig were present on this special day for their friend.

The former Big Brother went to bank Juli Poggio at Fuerza Bruta. (Photos: Social Networks)

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