Juliet Prandi found peace and love with Emanuel Ortega. Since then, the relationship has progressed solidly and he has given her all of her support in the legal war that she has with Claudio Contardi, her ex-partner. In fact, today Julieta is seen as very integrated into the Ortega clan and, together with Emanuel, she managed to form an endearing blended family.

Regarding the query of the show Partners mobile about who is his favorite from the Ortega clan, he said: “I don’t know who I love more if Ramón or Evangelina. I don’t know which of the two is more beautiful.”

About the assembly between her two children and Emanuel’s two, the model and driver spoke very relaxed: “We function like any family that groups together. Things are not like before when it cost more. There are people that we incorporate into our lives,” she explained.

“I am very well with my children, my partner and my work. I am more balanced and this year I have more time for myself,” said the driver. Regarding her partner, she said: “We live together and we are happy. We have been living together for a year and a half… I am not waiting for any marriage proposal. We are very good“.

“I’m not in a hurry for anything. I don’t need a paper that seals our love. It is not in the plans to have a child,” he revealed. She then commented on how the stepfamily works: “We’re both parents. We both have kids and we get along great.”

How the legal process against Claudio Contardi continues

Julieta Prandi has been on trial with her ex-husband for 4 years

“We are still waiting for them to give us the date of the trial. I hope to hear soon. In the family part, everything is slower. Neither food quotas have been charged nor have we been able to divide assets,” he explained about the legal battle against the father of her children.

The model was optimistic and assured that she was hopeful that everything would be correct. About his bond with his children, she revealed: “He can’t get close and in fact, My kids don’t want to see it. They have to respect the will of minors. Besides, everyone has their reasons.”

Prandi added that her case helped many women to report similar situations of violence. In this sense, she commented that she received a lot of support and messages of gratitude.

He also pointed against justice: “In my case, she was deaf, blind and mute for a long time. It all took a long time.”

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