In recent years, it has become common on television and on social networks to tell the stories of serial killers and how they carried out their crimes. A young Korean named Jung Yoo-Jung, who was passionate about watching these kinds of programs, wanted to experience firsthand what the criminals she watched did. In this sense, he killed and dismembered a teacher just “out of curiosity.”

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The Busan police, where the events occurred, stated that when Jung Yoo-Jung made the decision to murder someone, he carried out an entire investigation to hide a body. In addition, they discovered that he had used his cell phone and borrowed books from a library to gather clues about his crime.

Jung reportedly used an app to hire a private tutor and contacted the victim posing as the mother of a ninth-grader who wanted to learn English.

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Jung then posed as a student wearing a school uniform that he had bought online and went to his homeroom teacher, where he allegedly stabbed her to death.

The woman stabbed her victim to death.

According to authorities, he then bought some garbage bags and bleach before returning to the house, where he dismembered the victim. Some of her body parts were placed in a suitcase and she asked a taxi to take her to the Nakdong River, where she left her remains.

“To make it appear that the victim had disappeared, Jung kept the victim’s mobile phone, ID card and wallet, trying to commit a perfect crime.”, said the police, according to the report cited by the ‘New York Post’.

The man who was driving the taxi noticed that something was wrong with Jung, as the suitcase he was carrying was dripping with blood, so he decided to call the police and tell them what he had seen.

Busan authorities found bloodstained clothing in bags and the rest of the mutilated body at Jung’s home.

I wanted to experience what it was like to be a murderer

Initially, when authorities questioned her, she told them that she had accidentally killed the teacher in an argument. However, her story had many inconsistencies and her family asked her to come clean.

That was how he confessed that he had killed the victim out of curiosity. Besides, he stated that his interest had been piqued by novels and television shows depicting acts of murder.

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It is believed that Jung led a very lonely and antisocial life. Bae Sang Hoon, a criminal profiler and professor of police administration at Woosuk University, observed, “It seems that Jung Yoo Jung’s psychopathic tendencies were awakened during his long period of isolation,” in an interview with JoongAng Ilbo.

This case scandalized South Korea and at the moment the young woman is behind bars.


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