Justin Bieber has been one of the most recognized personalities during the last decades for his charisma, his musical talent and his great fans around the world.

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The singer of “baby” and other musical hits became an entertainment star after he their productions will be positioned in the world records and they will mark high numbers of tuning despite their young age.

Likewise, for years he has been the leading man on whom hundreds of admirers from many countries have set their sights.

Here we tell you what is the routine that the Canadian has to keep his body toned:

International media have recorded several moments in which the singer has spoken about his diet and In all the interviews there is a fact that is repeated: the young person eats at least six times a day.

His personal trainer, Patrick Nilsson, also supported that version and said that Justin’s diet was based on eating fruits, salads, salmon and chicken several times a day to speed up your body’s metabolism.

The singer has broken records on various music platforms.


Etienne Laurent. EFE file

On the other hand, he said that the singer drinks a lot of water and who frequently practices cardiovascular exercise routines such as riding a bicycle or jogging.

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Regarding the training routine in the gym, it is said that the Canadian has divided his body into three groups in which he focuses his routines:

-The first day he does exercises related to back and triceps.

-The second day he does a routine focused on the chest and biceps.

-The third day train leg and shoulder toning exercises.

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Likewise, they mention that he does exercises to work the abdomen every day and that his routines are approximately 45 minutes for 5 days a week.

For his part, the singer’s coach said that he trained under a method of “body-building” to be able to work on all the muscles and achieve a better “esthetics”.

The exercises are changed every two or three weeks and the advances that the Canadian body has had are taken into account.

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