This weekend, it was revealed that Kanye West, one of the most controversial celebrities in the United States, He celebrated his 46th birthday in style in a very striking and unusual way that would capture the attention of a large part of people on social networks.

It is known that the famous interpreter organized a party in which he invited several of his friends and relatives to share with them a new year of life; However, an event that occurred in his celebration would be what would take all eyes.

Kanye West in recent years, has been talking about his strange behavior.

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In photographs and videos it was possible to observe how his guests ate sushi from the body of a woman, which was lying on a table completely naked and the only thing that covered her were the pieces of fish that the chefs previously left on her body so that the celebrities could taste the good food.

In addition, everything seems to indicate that his daughter North West is very angry and upset by such an event at her father’s party, since it can be seen how she makes expressions of disgust, perhaps because of everything she had to witness.

This fact in social networks has been widely commented, Well, something similar had not been seen, which is why they call the rapper a misogynist man.

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“What Kanye West did is just sick and disgusting”“,”Body sushi is cruel, sexist, disgusting and outdated.”,”Kanye West only shows the worst of himself”,”Kanye West’s party looked terrifying”, are some of the most prominent comments in the publications with relation to this fact.

It would not be the first time that the famous American is in trend for having such behaviors, since since his separation with Kim Kardashian the artist has been seen acting in a very strange way, having very erratic and unusual behaviors.

As a consequence of this, in the world of the internet, a lot of concern has been generated about the mental health of the famous rapper because he makes sure that he is not feeling well at all.

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