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Will the Kardashians ever go away? It’s apparent that the Kardashian clan is declining in popularity after the quiet that followed the preview of Hulu’s latest season of The Kardashians. It may seem mind-boggling that in 2023, the Kardashians are finally starting to lose popularity, but astrology proves that the Kardashian’s retreat from the spotlight is just as much written in the stars as their rapid rise to fame was.

Given that many once aspired to have a voluptuous hourglass figure like Kim Kardashian or waited patiently to snag a controversial Kylie Jenner lip kit, it might be seen as a little “out there” to claim the Kardashians are slowly fading from pop culture relevance. The haters would argue that this family’s downfall was a long time coming whereas die-hard fans would say otherwise. Regardless of personal opinion, it’s no secret the Kardashians are a controversial family has maintained such a high level of popularity thanks to their highly televised personable moments and publicized love lives throughout the years. No matter what, there’s no doubt that we have all kept up with the Kardashians at some point.

However, despite consuming Kardashian media for well over a few decades, there has been more backlash over the past few years that’s coincided with a rising collective outcry against celebrity and influencer lifestyles. Where the public once hungrily consumed any media about luxury lifestyles, there seems to be a budding disgust for how “out of touch” the moguls seem to be, and the Kardashians are no exception. Although the Kardashians may have once been invincible, their time is up according to astrology. But before we dive into the future downfall of this famous family, we need to blast to the past to understand how astrology connects to the Kardashian’s fading popularity.

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The Kardashians Are Losing Popularity & Astrology Proves It

For the first time since 1778, Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23, 2023. Although there are undoubtedly many significant differences between now and 1778, one thing remains—a buildup of rage and frustration for the bourgeois. When Pluto in Aquarius was occurring from 1778 to 1798, this transit coincided with the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. While this may seem initially extreme, it’s important to connect this period with modern-day perspectives of luxury lifestyles because the French Revolution began when the rising concerns regarding taxation and food shortages weren’t properly addressed despite nobility prospering from the estate system. As a result, upheaval ensued against the French aristocracy as Pluto in Aquarius sought to give the power back to the people. So, how does this connect to the Kardashians?

As Pluto in Aquarius encourages us to move away from celebrity worship, the public seems to feel increasingly distanced from the Kardashians.

The Kardashians could be considered like today’s French aristocracy. Similar to the highly privileged French nobility, the Kardashians undoubtedly live lives of luxury that very few get to experience. Some may argue that the Kardashians have worked hard for their wealth. While this is partially true, the Kardashians didn’t exactly work from the ground up to become the moguls that they are today since this family was considered wealthy well before they were famous. So, this is hardly a rags-to-riches story. With the Kardashian’s flashy, expensive lifestyles in mind, it’s no wonder that they have a regal flair similar to that of the French nobility from the late 18th century. So, it’s not surprising if the Kardashians are receiving more criticism for flashing their unattainable extravagance while most struggle to make ends meet. kim’s “Get your f*cking *ss up and work” comment during the family’s feature with Variety seems to be the most recent cherry on top of the controversial cake that has left a lasting bad taste in everyone’s mouths. As Pluto in Aquarius encourages us to move away from celebrity worship, the public seems to feel increasingly distanced from the Kardashians, which is further exacerbated by their over-the-top displays of wealth during a time of major income disparity.

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Pluto In Aquarius Is Challenging Celebrity Culture

Not only will Pluto in Aquarius give power back to the people once again over the next twenty years, but this will also be an exceptional time to feel empowered by being authentic. No matter if it’s on or offline, there seems to be a rising collective acceptance of quirks, eccentricities and oddities. Since Pluto in Aquarius will encourage the collective to be more individualistic, this might be something that further separates the public from celebrities like the Kardashians. The Kardashians have been infamously flagged for a lack of sincerity and authenticity, which will not fly any longer during Pluto in Aquarius. If the Kardashians were to remain relevant during this Plutonic period, then the public will need to see a more radically genuine side to them. Posting a few pictures on Instagram without any filters or touch ups will not suffice. The Kardashians will have to be authentic on their platforms and in their show, which means little to no editing. However, this would be a stark difference from their perfectly curated look, so the Kardashians will have to either rise to the occasion or face failure for lack of genuineness.

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Saturn In Pisces Will Put Pressure On Their Reputation

Aside from Pluto in Aquarius, there might be a karmic astrological influence that’s associated with the Kardashian dynasty’s decline in the newscycle. Starting on March 7, 2023, the master teacher planet of karmic lessons began a new cycle when Saturn entered Pisces. From now until February 13, 2026, the collective will feel inspired to assume more responsibility for artistic expression and spiritual enlightenment. Since this will coincide with the beginning of Pluto in Aquarius, both transits can encourage rising above illusion and confusion. As a result, there will be a collective desire for something more than what meets the eye.

Given that the Kardashians have relied so heavily on perfectly tailored appearances, this mask will slowly but surely fall during this Saturnian transit. An early example of how Saturn in Pisces will affect the relevance of the Kardashians is the vague rumor of them not being invited to this year’s Met Gala. Since the Met Gala is typically hailed as an otherworldly artistic event, it appears that uninviting the Kardashians could be the first significance of Saturn in Pisces affecting their popularity. But given that this is just a rumor, only time will tell how the Kardashians slowly fade from the public eye in favor of celebrities who appear to be in alignment with public desires and values.

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Jupiter in Taurus Will Redirect Their Priorities

While it’s evident that the Kardashians will slowly fade away over the next three years thanks to Saturn and then likely become totally irrelevant over the next twenty years due to Pluto, this may not affect the family fortune. From May 16, 2023, to May 25, 2024, Jupiter will be in Taurus which will likely steady the expansion of financial endeavors and concrete wealth. If the Kardashians play their cards right, then Jupiter in Taurus could be an excellent indicator of their long-term financial stability. However, Jupiter can be known for lack of restraint, so the Kardashians will have to be mindful of their spending over the next year. If not, then Jupiter in Taurus could allude to the eventual collapse of wealth due to excessive spending on material items, which will likely become more apparent during the Pluto in Aquarius transit.

The Kardashians may actually welcome this change of pace in their lives, since Jupiter in Taurus could strengthen their core values.

Aside from money, the Kardashians may actually welcome this change of pace in their lives, since Jupiter in Taurus could strengthen their values. Not only does Taurus rule over wealth, but this zodiac sign is also associated with one’s value system and priorities. So, this could be an excellent transit to adjust and expand upon a different set of values ​​outside of being famous. Jupiter in Taurus could encourage this family to enjoy what they have to live comfortably and slowly. Their general sense of security may have to come from learning to live within their means as opposed to over-saturating their lives with materialism, greed and hyper-promiscuity to feel stable.

With the upcoming astrological transits in mind, it’s no surprise that the Kardashian clan is well overdue for a readjustment. Granted, this may not be easy if the Kardashians want to pursue a life of luxury and notoriety throughout Jupiter in Taurus. However, if these are prioritized as main family values, then Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius could infer the long-term destabilization of the Kardashian’s relevance in pop culture, media and entertainment. Depending on where the Kardashian’s priorities lie over the next year, this could dramatically influence whether or not this family’s heads will be on the metaphorical chopping block.

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