Karol G made it to the cover of ‘Elle’ magazine in its June issue, this time without filters.

According to the publication, the interview with the Colombian artist was done in Spanish, in New York, and narrates that 11 years ago Karol G came to that city to learn English, after feeling that nothing was happening with his career in Medellín.

“For so many years, not one, not two, not three, many years, everyone thought my goal of becoming a singer was a joke,” he says.

“It was a challenge to keep believing in myself. And if it wasn’t for my parents convincing me that I could do it, I would have felt ashamed and abandoned everything.”

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Carolina Giraldo Navarro adds that it was six years of struggle alongside her father. Juan Guillermo Giraldo Ramírez, also a musician, to put his name in the reggaeton industry, but when he packed his bags to travel to New York he thought it was the end of his short career, the magazine says.

His story changed, for the better, narrates the paisa, who has been part of the Coachella poster and who also has collaborations with Shakira and Nicki Minaj, among others.

And she is surprised at her own success, especially now that Mañana será bonito is the “first Spanish-language album by a female artist to debut at number one in the US on the Billboard 200 chart,” the publication says.

“We never sat down and said, ‘okay, let’s come up with a concept album that breaks, that will be number one.’ I was just singing about my life. How can that be meaningful to people? If people connect with the album, they literally connect directly with me. Because that is the record: stories of my life, in songs”, said the Antioquian woman.

The artist also referred to ‘Tusa’, one of her most emblematic songs, and to ‘Bichota’, from 2021.He did not put aside his break with the Puerto Rican reggaeton Anuel AA, whose duel he carried out in private but which became ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’, with nostalgic lyrics.

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The publication adds that the name came about thanks to a mantra that he said to help overcome grief: “‘Tomorrow will be beautiful’. I could never have imagined that such a dark period in my life would transform me into the person I am today.”

And she continues: “The situation challenged me to learn, to appreciate what I had, to find happiness within myself, not in someone else… I think that’s really the soul of the album and what has made it so successful.”

On the album, he did a collaboration with Shakira, his idol, in ‘TQG’.

She did not leave aside her facet as an actress in the Netflix series, ‘Griselda’, where she represents a drug mule and is starred by Sofía Vergara, who is the powerful boss of a drug cartel, and which will be released in a few months.


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