Karol G continues adding triumphs in the world of musicnot only on the stage but also on the big screen, since it was confirmed that one of his songs will be part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Barbie’.

The latest album, ‘Manaña será bonito’ has been widely accepted by the public, especially the theme ‘TQG’which he did with Shakira, positioning itself in the first places of the music charts.

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Now Karol G will have the opportunity to shine again, this time alone with the new song entitled ‘Waititi’, which will be part of the soundtrack of the Greta Gerwig film. And through a short video a preview of what this musical production will be revealed.

In the video the protagonists of the film appear Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling skating down a street in Venice Beachwhile it sounds from background the theme of the ‘bichota’, with a reggaeton ‘beat’ similar to those that have made her famous.

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Although the song has not yet been released, several of the artist’s fans are already beginning to feel the excitement for the advance she shared, indicating how danceable the song sounds and the good complement that it will make with the expected film.

Karol G counts on her Instagram account more than 63 million followerswho are attentive to each story and post that the public artist.

“This was the moment for her to bring out something more international and in English, thus exploiting and expanding more with her music, she is always supported anyway”, “La bichota giving it her all”, they commented, highlighting the participation of the singer in the film ‘Barbie ‘.

‘Ovy On The Drums’: Karol G’s music producer


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