After the great success of the album ‘Mañana ser bonito’, the urban singer Karol G surprised his fans with the launch of ‘Tomorrow Will Be Nice Tour’. To announce this news, the artist shared a fun video with Ikera Mexican boy who is now a celebrity.

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In the clip, it is seen that Karol G is singing the song “Gucci los paños” very happily with the child in a vehicle, when suddenly they are stranded in the middle of a pasture.

I’m going to go with you so you won’t be afraid

We won’t make it to the tour“, says the singer, who then adds that” she is afraid to sing in such big places.

Iker, very smiling, replies: “I’m going to go with you so you don’t get scared”, and they both begin to sing ‘While I heal my heart’.

At that moment, a tractor appears in the distance, and they signal for it to help them. Finally, the driver of the vehicle, Iker and Karol G appear singing ‘Besties’.

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Who is Iker?

At only five years old, Iker, also known as the ‘millionaire kid’, He has a large fan base on social networks due to his charisma and his witticisms.

According to the magazine Hello, the minor is originally from the state of Nuevo León, in northern Mexico. His fame came one day when he was playing in the streets, when someone approached him with a camera and a microphone, asking him to do some stunt with his bike.

Iker admitted that he couldn’t and replied: “Because I’m well goldo (fat)”. Then they asked him if he was single or married, to which he replied that he was a “millionaire”, hence his nickname ‘Iker, the millionaire boy’.

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Iker already accumulates more than 630 thousand followers on Instagram. For his part, Karol G, after sharing the video of the tour promotion, dedicated a tender message to the child:

“I want to dedicate this post to you @iker.elmillonario. In my little head and my ideas there was an incredible boy who was going to help me convey everything I wanted with this album. You are more special than my mind imagined. Thank you friend for your beautiful heart that inspires us all so much!!! Pdta: Thank you for being so aware of me on set and bringing me chips,” he wrote.

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