The name of Karol G has not stopped appearing on all social networks and in the national and international press, since his career, at the moment, is at the highest point of fame, thanks to the release of his latest album ‘Mañana ser bonito’.

Due to her music and personality, the paisa has come to pose in prestigious world magazines, to participate in the most recognized television shows, participated in fashion week, has been part of the soundtrack of the Barbie movie and in a month will begin his tour of the United States.

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On this occasion, on her Instagram account, Karol G wanted to give her fans a gift and to make this announcement, he is going to release a new song this July 13 that is apparently going to be called S91. He also shared a small preview of what the video for this single will be.

The recording begins with Karol G kneeling in the desert in a black Mayan suit and with her pink hair, which has black braids. In the next scene, a group of dancers and actors are seen ready to start a battle and they run to attack their target.

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Then at the end you can read “S 91 Karol G”, which would be the title of his new song. Likewise, the “Bichota” shared a message about why she is making this announcement in this way.

“A month exactly from the first date of the tour, I have a VERY IMPORTANT announcement to give you; so important i made a song and a video because that’s how big it is! The day after tomorrow, July 13 (13 my favorite # spiritually), they will be able to see and listen. So send this to whoever you think might be interested, especially those who are going to be on tour, if you think you’ve seen it all, REMEMBER I ALWAYS SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST. PS. This is dedicated to mine, TO THE FOREVER !! ”, wrote the singer in her post.

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As it was expected, With this announcement the fans of the ‘Bichota’ have not stopped reacting to the publication and they are looking forward to hearing this new single that is sure to become a new hit.

This announcement comes after her appearance at the premiere of the film Barbie, one of the films most anticipated by fans and in which the paisa is part of the soundtrack with the song Watiti, in which the Panamanian singer Aldo also participates. ranks.

In this event, the “Bichota” stole all the attention, with her pink look inspired by the famous American doll.


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