At a kindergarten closing celebration in Coahuila, Mexico the children’s teacher became the laughingstock of the eventafter I mistakenly put a intimate audio that was heard by all attendeesamong which were teachers, children and parents.

The moment was captured by the cell phone of one of the attendees who was patiently waiting for the children to enter their graduation, however instead of listening to Verdi’s triumphant march, The embarrassing message from the teacher’s cell phone was heard at full volume.

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The attendees were applauding and shouting for the achievement of the children, however, they were stunned by the risqué message: “I love you c ***** the cu ** like the other time”, which made more than one blush and they couldn’t help but laugh at the revelation.

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The video went viral on social networks and accumulates millions of views and comments such as: “Secrets Revealed at Graduation”, “Just at the moment the music goes down hahaha”, “When I left kindergarten we only danced the “Mouse”, “What a bad plan, now that is an unforgettable graduation! I can’t wait for parents to explain to kids what “disconnection” means.” and “change of song”, among other funny comments, in front of the painful situation.

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