20 years after the presidential inauguration of Nestor Kirchner, officials and political leaders remembered the legacy of the former president through different publications on social networks. Some used the hashtag #imitemoselejemplo or #Néstornosune, among others. There were also those who invited the act in Plaza de Mayo that will be headed today by the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Kirchnerism celebrates 20 years marking the political future in Argentina with fire. That faction of Peronism began in 2003 with the presidency of Néstor, continued with that of her wife from 2007 to 2015 and currently governs with her as vice president of Alberto Fernandez.

The president recalled on social networks the assumption of Néstor at the head of the Casa Rosada, highlighting that the man from Santa Cruz “united and called to believe in the transformation of the Homeland”. In his posts, he included a video with fragments of different Patagonian speeches and concluded with the phrase: “Nestor unites us”.

“Thanks to him, from the cold winds of the south, all of Argentina recovered the warmth of the embrace and the collective struggle. He united us and called us, with enormous courage, to believe in the transformation of the country to face the greatest adversities. And win”said the head of state.

The vice president, who is trying to break away from the current economic crisis, will lead an act this Thursday in the Plaza de Mayo to commemorate the new anniversary of her husband’s assumption of the presidency, after winning the elections on April 27, 2003 with just 22% of the votes, after his opponent, also a Peronist Carlos Menemwho had won the first round (24.45%), gave up appearing in the second.

Kirchner received an economy that was already stabilizing and that during his administration it grew strongly while enjoying an external context of high prices of raw materials, low interest rates and a weak dollar. He maintained twin surpluses -fiscal and external- and made progress in deleveraging -restructuring the debt in default and with the International Monetary Fund-.

Society appreciated this redistributive policy, a bonanza that generates nostalgia for part of the population given the strong imbalances that the country is going through today, although inflation also returned with the Kirchners, to which they responded with the intervention of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses. , which started to report lower than real inflation.

Memories and summons to the Plaza de Mayo

The ambassador to Brazil, presidential candidate (FDT) and former running mate of Néstor Kirchner, Daniel Sciolirenewed his “commitment to the Homeland” from his Twitter social network account where he recalled the oath he took as vice president, along with the former governor of Santa Cruz. “This is not another anniversary. 20 years ago with Néstor Kirchner we swore loyalty and commitment to the Homeland. On May 25, Néstor began a path that returned optimism and hope to the Argentine people in a fairer and more developed Argentina. Today I renew that commitment.”wrote and published a series of photos with the former president.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro, wrote on their networks: “Let’s continue building the dream of a federal Argentina, among all of us. Long live the Homeland!” The official is one of the pre-candidates who could participate in the August PASO, he has the blessing of the vice president and La Cámpora.

The ultra K organization posted today, also on their social media accounts, their own reminder: “’A new and glorious nation is rising upon the face of the earth: ours.’ 20 years ago, Néstor Kirchner, with historical understanding and political determination, proposed the dream of an Argentina for everyone”. In addition, they summoned to Plaza de Mayo the act that Cristina will lead.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandez, who was also an official during the Néstor government, tweeted: “At the end of 2002, Argentina was immersed in one of its worst moments. You competed and with the right to the ballotage, you took charge of your luck, like no one else. My greatest pride was that you sent for me to accompany you. Cuadrazo, with eggs and patriotism. God bless you”.

the formoseño Gildo Insfran He was one of the provincial leaders who remembered the ex-president. “20th Anniversary of the assumption of Néstor Kirchner. Today we remember that May 25, 2003 when Néstor Carlos Kirchner assumed the Presidency of the Nation”, he wrote.

Meanwhile, from the trade union sectors, the CTA-T reminded the former president also under the #followtheexample; and the general secretary of Canillitas, Omar Plaini, pasted the call sign to the Plaza and added: “#ImitemosElEjemplo, May 25, 2:00 p.m. May Plaza”.

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